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Most trips will be 6-8 hours in length (unless we limit earlier) except for the off shore trips for tuna and halibut. They can be up to 12 hours (maximum allowed by USCG) due to the distance we have to run to the fishing grounds. The average time for tuna or halibut trips is 8-10 hours.

River trips for salmon, steelhead and sturgeon will generally be utilizing our Alumaweld Columbia which is an open style boat and does not have a pilot house or built in facilities (See Gear/Boats page for more details).

Ocean and some lower Columbia river trips will be utilizing our 30 Ft Sportfisher which has an enclosed cabin and installed marine facilities (See Gear/Boats page for details). If you have questions please ask prior to your trip for clarification.

What to bring:

This list is suggested as a minimum for your day of fishing:

  • Current fishing license and appropriate harvest card for species
    • Please ask if you have questions about the species we are fishing
  • Cooler to take your catch home in
    • Coolers should be left in your vehicle
    • If you are taking home whole tuna, you need to take into account their size. A 120 quart cooler will hold 5-6 whole tuna
  • Food and non-alcoholic beverages
    • Small soft side coolers are welcome onboard
    • Bottled water is provided on all trips
  • Rain gear and appropriate clothing layers
  • Comfortable shoes/boots
    • Waterproof is highly recommended
  • Hat/Gloves
  • Sunglasses
  • Sunblock
  • Seasick medication
    • Recommended to take at least an hour prior to departure or per the manufacturer instructions
  • Camera

Tuna Trips:

In addition to the list above, consider the following for your tuna trip:

Gore-Tex or other breathable type rain gear is not recommended as it absorbs the smell of tuna and it is very challenging to get that smell out of your clothing.

Additionally, older pants and shirts that could be thrown away if needed is recommended. My crew will handle the tuna the majority of the time and keep the boat washed down while we fish to minimize the amount of tuna blood, however it’s hard to keep everyone clean when a hot bite gets going!

Salmon, Steelhead and Sturgeon trips:

These trips are pretty laid back and basic when it comes to personal gear. Refer to the basic list above, keeping in mind we either are fishing out of the open boat in the river or in salt water in the Sportfisher. Dress appropriately.

Halibut and deep water bottom fish trips:

These trips are several miles off shore, up to 45 miles; come prepared for an extended day of fishing (not to exceed 12 hours). Electric reels are used on these trips to help expedite and maximize fishing time since we can be fishing in waters in excess of 700 feet deep…trust me you will appreciate the electric reels!

Alcohol & Drug Policy:

Your safety is my primary concern while fishing with me.

For the safety of all passengers and crew:

Please bring what you need to be comfortable for the day and consider our northwest weather conditions. I want you to have a memorable fishing experience. Whether you’re a seasoned angler or a first time fisher you will receive the same friendly and dedicated service as everyone else on board! The most rewarding thing I can receive at the end of the day is your recommendation to friends and family. It lets me know I did a good job and you had a great time!

Capt Mark Youngblood

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